14/19 - 21 Oct 2019

Circular 14/19
Circular to Community Radio Stations

Transmission Site / Transmitter

In recent weeks, the Authority received notification from a couple of community radio stations informing the Chief Executive that the transmission site had changed.

May I point out that the licence pertaining to every community radio station establishes the technical parameters which should be adhered to for broadcasting, following tests undertaken by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA). Therefore it is unacceptable that the transmission site of the station is changed without requesting the prior written authorisation from the Authority. The consideration by the Authority of such requests will be based on tests undertaken by the MCA to determine the station’s new transmission parameters.

Although the transmission site may be very close to the original site in the same town or village, Management of any community radio station which decides changing the transmission site is requested to send in a written request providing the new address and the planned date of the move, at least four weeks in advance. Such request shall include the details of the transmission antenna that is intended to be installed at the new site, the type and length of the feeder (antenna cable), as well as the height of the antenna above ground level. From the date of the move until the tests by the MCA are actually performed, the station will be required to transmit at a reduced power level to be determined by the Authority in consultation with the MCA.

Failure to abide by these instructions could result in a different coverage area or even cause interference to other services. Either one of these would be considered a breach of licence conditions and serious enough to result in revocation of the licence.

It should be highlighted that this arrangement should also apply to situations where the Management of the station requires to effect changes to any of the transmitter parameters, including the type of antenna and feeder (antenna cable) used.

May I also point out that licensees will be requested to settle any MCA fees arising for the necessary tests.

Dr Joanna Spiteri
Chief Executive
21st October 2019
Ref 3/91