53/07 - 19Nov2007

Community Advertising

In line with licence conditions Community Radio Stations are only allowed to obtain adverts from firms which are located within the boundaries of their respective community.

In order to ensure compliance with the said rules, the Authority is requesting all community radio stations to submit together with their schedule of programmes a list of those firms and individuals who would have placed adverts with the station in the preceding three months.

This information should be submitted to the Authority on a quarterly basis, with the first quarter covering the period 1st October to 31st December 2007.  The relative information should reach the Authority by Friday, 18th January 2008.

Failure to abide by this directive will imply the imposition of an administrative penalty to the amount of two thousand Malta Liri (Lm2,000).

Dr Simon Manicolo
Head of Programme Monitoring
19th November 2007