55/08 - 03Dec2008

Requirements as to Standards and Practice Applicable to the Conduct of Competitions and the Award of Prizes

I would like to draw your attention to Government Notice 1051 of 2008 published in the Government Gazette of 28th November 2008 whereby paragraph 5.2 of the above-mentioned Requirements was substituted by a new paragraph which reads as follows:

5.2.   The broadcaster shall ensure that prize-winners are announced during the next edition of the programme following the conclusion of the competition or, in the case of a competition concluded at the end of a programme schedule, during the final programme in that schedule. The prize shall be awarded to the prize-winner within one calendar month of the announcement of the prize-winner/s of the competition.

This paragraph is in force and you are to ensure compliance therewith.

The relative Government Notice has been sent by e-mail.

Dr Kevin Aquilina
Chief Executive
3rd December 2008
Ref 45/00