30/08 - 27Jun2008

Broadcasting Authority's Interpretation of the 20 Minute per Clock Hour of Advertising Rule

The Authority refers to paragraph 13 of the Third Schedule to the Broadcasting Act which provides that where programmes are interrupted by advertising and teleshopping spots, a period of at least 20 minutes shall elapse between each successive advertising break within the programme.

A case has arisen before the Authority as to whether a teleshopping window can be counted as forming part of programmes aired between one batch of advertisements and another or whether such teleshopping window should be excluded for the purpose of counting the 20 minutes of programming.

The Authority is of the view that as teleshopping is a form of advertising it should not be counted for the purpose of establishing the 20 minutes of programming between one batch of adverts and another.

You are thus requested to appy the 20 minute rule in terms of this clarification. 

Dr Kevin Aquilina
Chief Executive
27th June 2008
Ref 17/62