26/08 - 16Jun2008

Cocaine Energy Drink

I have noticed an advert on TVM broadcast on 13th June 2008 for an energy drink by the name of Cocaine Energy Drink.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Broadcasting Act prohibits the advertising of certain products such as medicinal products which require a prescription, tobacco products and cigarettes. The said enactment also restricts the broadcasting of certain adverts such as those relating to alcoholic drink advertising, gambling, tattoo advertising, etc.

In so far as Cocaine Energy Drink is concerned, it breaches the Broadcasting Act's provisions concerning offence to public feeling. Moreover, such an advert encourages behaviour prejudicial to health or to safety and runs counter to the efforts made by agencies like Sedqa to combat the drug problem in Malta. I am of the view that by referring to "Cocaine" in the name of the energy drink, by association, the impression could be given that the use of cocaine is legitimate. Therefore, I do not consider it to be in the public interest to allow the said advertisement.

Dr Kevin Aquilina
Chief Executive
16th June 2008
Ref 59/08