21/08 - 27May2008


Your attention is being drawn to the rules on sponsorship in the Third Schedule to the Broadcasting Act in particular paragraph 20(b) which provides:

Sponsored programmes shall meet the following requirements:

(b) they shall be clearly identified as such by the name or logo of the sponsor at the beginning or the end of the programmes;

It is clear that references to sponsors should only include the name or logo, which in turn implies that any additional details whether verbal or through visual means to attributes and characteristics, addresses, telephone numbers, and websites related to the sponsor shall not form part of such references.

In view of this, stations are being requested to refrain immediately from pursuing such practices, which are clearly in breach of existing regulation.
As has been the case so far, such presentation will lead to the issue of charges in terms of the Act.

Dr Simon Manicolo
Head of Programme Monitoring
27th May, 2008
Ref 17/62