08/19 - 08 May 2019

Circular 8/19

Circular to all Broadcasting Stations

BA Directive: Provision of Programme Schedule
during the Silent Period

I refer to Paragraph 8 of the Broadcasting Authority Directive on Programmes and Advertisements broadcast during the period 15th April to 25th May 2019 and remind you of the requirement to provide by noon of Friday, 10th May a detailed schedule of programmes and advertisements to be broadcast during the silent period, this being the 24th and 25th May 2019. I would point out that the silent period starts just after midnight of the 23rd / 24th May.

The requested information should include the topics and names of participants. Failure to do so would constitute a breach of the Authority’s directive. I therefore urge your kind cooperation so that we can work together to ensure that the law is observed during this delicate time.

Dr Joanna Spiteri
Chief Executive
8th May 2019
Ref 103/03; 3/19