05/18 - 7 Sep 2018

Circular 5/18

To all Broadcasting Stations and Licence holders

Article 15 of the Broadcasting Act

In virtue of the Broadcasting Act, it is the function of the Broadcasting Authority in addition to the functions under Article 119 of the Constitution, to regulate sound and television broadcasting services in Malta and to issue licences for the provision of such services.

In view of the foregoing, and in terms of Article 15 of the Broadcasting Act, you are being directed to abide by the conditions of the Licence and other obligations under the Act and address any initiatives and other considerations that might refer to such matters pertaining to broadcasting to the said Authority under whose guidance and direction further processes may be undertaken for the benefit of the broadcasting legislation and operators.

Dr Joanna Spiteri
Chief Executive
7th September 2018
Ref 2/91, 3/91