05/09 - 27Feb2009

Farewell and Thank You

This is the last circular to broadcasters that I will be writing as Chief Executive of the Broadcasting Authority. Since I joined the Authority on 11th January 1999 as Chief Executive Designate and, subsequently, as Chief Executive on 1st January 2000, I have been in contact with you not only through the phone and various meetings but even through circulars which I issued from time to time to keep you updated with the latest developments in the broadcasting scenario.

I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to thank you all for your assistance during these years. I assure you that without your cooperation, I would not have managed to carry out my duties properly.

The Authority will now have a new Chief Executive – Mr. Pierre Cassar – with effect from 1st March 2009. I wish him much success in his future endeavours. I am sure that he will rise to the occasion and be able to overcome the innumerable and diverse challenges which face the office of the Chief Executive of the Broadcasting Authority in the years to come.

Dr Kevin Aquilina
Chief Executive
27th February 2009