04/09 - 24Feb2009

Consultation on Broadcast Distribution Services Regulations

The Broadcasting Authority is issuing a joint consultation document with the Malta Communications Authority on regulations entitled Broadcast Distribution Services Regulations and on amendments to the Cable Systems (General) Relations, 2001.  These regulations will replace those contained in the Cable Systems (General) Regulations and are available for download from the Broadcasting Authority’s website at www.ba-org.mt. This Media Release and the Consultation Document have also been sent by e-mail.

Comments and submissions on the proposed regulations should reach the Chairman of the Broadcasting Authority, 7 Mile End Road, Hamrun HMR 1719 by noon on Friday 20th March 2009.  Submissions can also be made through e-mail on info.ba@ba.org.mt, or by fax on 2122 1281.

Dr Kevin Aquilina
Chief Executive
24th February 2009
Ref 51/61